Monday, July 18, 2005

Weird Craft Project

Here's one of my weird craft projects. This spirea bush bloomed a month or so ago--with a few new blooms still popping out from time to time. The dead flower heads stay on the plant. So I sprayed a lot of them pink. Then I followed with a light burgundy spray.

Voila! A bush that looks like it's blooming. I plan to tackle the astilbe next.

If you want try this technique in your own garden--make a cone of newspaper and grasp each bloom before you spray it. Do the pink layer first. Then when it's dry--in a half hour--do the burgundy layer. It would also work with a butterfly bush. Or anything else that leaves feathery brown flower heads.



Michele said...

Good Gravy!
That's taking Creative Gardening to a whole new level.
It does look quite fetching.
Who'd have thought?
I awe.

Rebecca York said...

Thanks. It was fun, if a little messy. (I had to scrub my hands.)

BTW, I did look at your blog and comment on the drunk people. Very funny. Where did you get the pictures.

Michele said...

An email a good friend sent. I can always count on her for a laugh.
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

BTW-I just finished Edge of the Moon. Cool Concept! How do you think of some of the "baser" scenes you had the villan do? Gave me the creeps.
I appreciated that you didn't go into a scene with a kid being a victim. I have a hard time reading things like that. Lilly was OK because she was rescued. Harm to kids is a major turn off for me. I know the reality of what goes on out there... Newsbroadcasts make sure we do. I don't have to see it in a venue that I go to , to look for entertainment. So, yeah, I thank you for that.
I kind of think the "demon" was a good guy after all. Left alone, he harms no one. Seemed the human guy was more the monster/demon.
Anyway...another great story!

Kelsy George said...

That looks wonderful! But...

Doesn't the paint eventually kill the plant? I just hacked off the top of an astilbe and have another ready to go, but I'd paint it if it wouldn't kill the rest of the bush.

Rebecca York said...

I've put spray paint on spent astilbe blooms. It doesn't kill the plant. The bloom is already dead so it's not really interacting with the plant. I painted about half of the dead spirea blooms.

Rebecca York said...

I don't know where I come up with this stuff. I guess it oozes up from the murk at the bottom of my brain.

I'm glad you liked Edge of the Moon. I really liked Jack in Killing Moon, and I wanted to give him his own tense, dangerous, emotional story--then reward him at the end with a wonderful relationship.

I think the demon did the right thing in the end. But he really put Jack and Kathryn in terrible danger. And he pushed them pretty hard to do what he wanted.

inkgrrl said...

I love it! Now if only I could use green paint to fill in the holes my dogs have dug in the yard whilst *helping* pull up crabgrass...

Michele said...

Yup, that's a demon for you. LOL

Um, just an FYI...I couldn't see a comment on my "drunk" people that you mentioned. Have no clue why you meant to say..thanks....

Rebecca York said...

Michele, I went back and looked. My comment is there. It's near the end of the comments on the first group you put up. I love the new pictures! The first and last ones are particularly good. To find my post, I looked for my picture with the dolphin--and there I was.

Anonymous said...

What an idea! I may have to try that. I am not good with gardening but keep trying. This year we've had plenty of rain here in Florida and I'm having better luck than usual. But spray paint? Hmmm.


Rebecca York said...

Cheryl, just be sure to pick the right kind of plant. One that leaves big dead flowers that stick around for a while.

Michele, you can set your blog so that it tells you when someone has commented. Then you don't have to guess!

Michele said...

Mystery solved.
I was looking at the recent post. That's why I didn't see it. Yup, I see it now.
The little side comments were mine..the original email didn't have any.
I found the option for linking comments with email. Great idea!
Muchas Gracias!!!

Sherry said...

This reminds me of what some neighbors did here, years ago. One neighbor had a very sparse landscape, with two identical "Christmas tree" type firs on each side of their front door. One had died and was an unsightly brown, but they didn't remove it. While they went on vacation, some of us spray painted the dead tree vibrant green. It actually looked so good they left it until the needles fell off!
We also played other fun pranks. One neighbor returned from vacation to find what looked like the dreaded webworms in his trees. (we really just draped pieces of black yarn all over!)
Another neighbor came home to find an "outhouse" on his patio (handyman built it, complete with stuffed man inside and Sears catalog). This outhouse traveled to new homes wherever anyone was foolish enough to go on vacation :-)
Brings back memories of fun.

Michele said...

LOL!!!!! The Outhouse was a riot!
Complete with "catalog"...
*still giggling*

Rebecca York said...

sherry, that's really funny! i am not hope and typing on a computerwith keys that stick.