Thursday, November 17, 2005

“White Heat” featured in SECRETS, Volume 12 by Leigh Wyndfield (Red Sage, July 2005)

Here's one of my favorite combinations--science fiction and hot sex.

Raine has spent the last few years avenging her murdered team, but the cost has been high. She’s hiding in an icehouse in the middle of nowhere from one of the scariest men in the universes. Walker escapes from a burning prison, staggering to safety. Imagine their surprise when they find out they have the same man to blame for their miseries. Passion, revenge and love are in their future.




Leigh Wyndfield spends her free time reading anything she can get her hands on, watching movies, and skiing or hiking, depending on the season. Unable to find romances that take place on other worlds, she started writing her own. Her books have won awards and finaled in published author contests, including the PRISM, More Than Magic, the Holt Medallion and the Dream Realm Award. Her novel, IN ICE, was nominated by RT Magazine for Best Erotic Romance of 2004, won a PRISM Award and the Write Touch Readers Award! Romantic Times calls her work, “Engrossing, enthralling and entrancing.”


"White Heat is stunning" -- Jane, Fallen Angels.

"WHITE HEAT is full of action and adventure and will keep readers turning the pages and waiting with baited breath to see what happens next." -- Angel, Romance Junkies

4 ½ Star Top Pick RT Bookclub Magazine


Thursday, November 03, 2005

HIS DARK DESIRES, by Jennifer St. Giles

This sounds like a book I'd like to read. It combines two of my favorite genres--paranormal and historical.

BTW, I had a very personal reason for smiling when I noticed that the heroine is told to "Trust no one." I was once slammed by an RT reviewer for using that sentence. She said I must be copying the X-Files. Apparently, her literary experience was limited to popular television shows and genre fiction, so in her estimation, the X-File writers were the only ones who could come up with that concept. This was also the reviewer who thought I was hinting that the heroine was a mermaid because the hero initially fished her out of a river where she almost drowned and then--hint hint--the action climax of the book was at a theme park modeled on Sea World.

I've been waiting for years to respond to that strange review in some kind of public way. Ah, the fun of having my own blog! Thanks for giving me the opportunity, Jenn.

HIS DARK DESIRES by Jennifer St. Giles
(Pocket Books, Nov. 2005)

Can any woman resist the fire in his eyes—and the danger in his kiss?

From award-winning author of The Mistress of Trevelyan (2004 National Readers Choice Award for Best Historical and Best First Book, and 2004 Maggie Award for Excellence in Historical Fiction) comes the sensual tale of a woman haunted—and a man possessed—by an all-consuming love. . . .

You are in danger. Trust no one. The terrifying words from a mysterious letter echo in Juliet Bucheron's mind. Destitute ever since her husband disappeared in the Civil War, Juliet has turned her New Orleans ancestral home into a boarding house -- despite the rumors of ghosts, the whispers of scandal, and the stain of murder. But even more unsettling is Juliet's new tenant, a handsome stranger named Stephen Trevelyan. Wealthy, educated, and seductively compelling, Stephen fills Juliet's heart with uncontrollable longing -- and her head with suspicion. Something, she senses, is lurking beneath the surface. And someone is stalking the hallways after midnight. As the danger draws nearer, Juliet wonders if she can really trust Stephen. But as he pulls her closer, she knows she cannot resist matter what the price.



A former nurse and home educator, this award winning author loves to create unforgettable heroes and heroines, who against all odds, fight and win the battle for love—the human need that drives us all. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and three children.

A wonderful Americana suspense thriller.. St. Giles provides a fabulous reconstruction era tale—Harriet Klausner.

Winner of Rendezvous Reviews Magazine’s Rosebud of the Month! Who cites His Dark Desires as Powerful and emotional, with complex characters…an excellent journey into the past you won’t forget.

A riveting sequel…a sexually charged romance that satisfies whether they’re seeking suspense or passion---Romantic Times Book Club.