Thursday, July 21, 2005


For fans of MaryJanice Davidson, here’s another one of her hilarious vampire books, UNDEAD AND UNAPPRECIATED. (Berkley, July 05) Most women would love to live as royalty, but Betsy Taylor has found that being vampire queen has more problems than perks, except for always being awake for Midnight Madness sales. It may be easy to find blood (yuck) in the dark of night, but try finding a strawberry smoothie. And employees at her nightclub, Scratch, have been giving her nothing but grief since she killed their former boss. Some people...

But Betsy's "life" takes an interesting turn at a baby shower for her wicked stepmother, who lets it slip that Betsy has a long-last half sister. Now twenty years old, this woman just so happens to be the devil's daughter...and destined to rule the world.



MaryJanice Davidson has written in a variety of different genres, including contemporary romance, paranormal romance, erotica, and nonfiction.

MJ is the best-selling author of several romance novels, including UNDEAD AND UNWED and HELLO GORGEOUS. UNDEAD AND UNAPPRECIATED is her first hardcover. Her books have been on the USA Today best-seller list, as well as the New York Times list. Starting in July, she has a release every month through February. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, two children, and dog, and is secretly addicted to Peanut Buster Parfaits.

An amusing vampiric chick lit amateur sleuth tale worth sinking your teeth into. – Midwest Book Review

Davidson's witty dialogue, fast pacing, smart plotting, laugh-out-loud humor, and sexy relationships make this a joy to read. – Booklist

A hilarious rompful of goofy twists and turns, great fun for fans of humorous vampire romance. – Locus

MaryJanice Davidson is at her humorous biting best with this devilish tale of our favorite vampiress since Vampirella started seeking a blood relation. -- Harriet Klausner,

Entertaining, wicked and delightful -- Romance Reviews Today

Chick lit meets vampire action in this creative, sophisticated, sexy and wonderfully witty book. -- Catherine Spangler



Michele said...

Huh, "0" comments again.
Ok, I'll fix that.
I'll read the book when I get it from my Library..can't swing a hardcover price this month.
However, I just finished 3 in One series "Desert Sons" with your contribution about Luke and Ashely. That was fun. I enjoy stories about Native Americans. How much research do you have to do to get a "feel" for another culture within our own culture? It's hard for me to imagine getting into a male POV with any realism and believability...I'm talking me not you. You can and I'm impressed.

Rebecca York said...

Michelle,Iam in the Atlantis Hotel in REno typing on a horrible computer. We did a TON of research for DESERT SONS. We met in Santa Fe and toured the area(including pueblos, casinso, art gallery road, restaurants, country side.) That's how I know the art gallery row is one way. We used brochures and shops for the jewlery. I lost $30 in an Indian casino playing black jack. I bought books on NM architecture, gardens and plants. We also did a lot of web research on Native American witches and legonds. And I found a movie on TV about Native American witchcraft.
Ann Voss Peterson is a legal expert,so she handled that aspect of the story.

Michele said...

Years ago I heard the word "Renaissance Man" as being someone who knows something about every subject on earth. I think with as many books as you've written, and the research that you have had to do to create them, you qualify as our
Renaissance Woman.
Blows my mind!