Thursday, August 25, 2005

“Garden of Eden” featured in ELLORA’S CAVEMEN: LEGENDARY TAILS II by Jaci Burton (Ellora’s Cave, June 2005)

I've always loved science fiction/fantasy combined with a sexy tale. This story sounds like a really fun read.

“Garden of Eden” featured in ELLORA’S CAVEMEN: LEGENDARY TAILS II by Jaci Burton
(Ellora’s Cave, June 2005)

Dr. Eden Mason has spent the past hundred years orbiting the Earth in stasis. Since a nuclear war destroyed everything, she and the other inhabitants of the space pods are the only survivors of the global meltdown.

One special passenger has joined them-Adam-an alien sent to recreate what was once a thriving, beautiful planet. But Adam needs Eden to fulfill his goal, in a way she never expected.

Adam has loved Eden since he first came to Earth, but her father refused to allow him to meet her. Instead, the brilliant scientist kept Adam secluded while they engineered a way to save some of Earth's inhabitants before the inevitable destruction. Now Adam can touch Eden, taste her, love her like he's always wanted to, at the same time fulfilling his duty to revitalize the planet.

His love for her is energizing, and Eden begins to hope that life on new Earth will be a lush garden of sensual pleasures. But Adam's not telling her everything that will happen, and his secret may end up destroying them both.



Jaci Burton was born and raised in Missouri but now lives on an acre-and-a-half in Oklahoma with her husband Charlie. Jaci loves to write about passionate relationships with sometimes stormy outcomes but always a happily ever after. She’s a sucker for romance and a happy ending!

“Jaci Burton does it again! What an amazingly hot and steamy story!” -- Fallen Angel Reviews

“Garden of Eden by Jaci Burton is a yummy little taste of fantastic science-fiction romance with beautiful balance. -– eCataRomance

“Garden of Eden has a very interesting plotline. Ms. Burton gives us a very imaginative not to mention fun way for Adam to get his energy to re-create a new world. Adam and Eden are well developed characters even for a short story, and the emotional bond that develops between them is very moving and believable. With steamy sex scenes and a plotline with twists and turns this one was an enjoyable read." – Cupids Library Reviews


Thursday, August 18, 2005

HEART CHOICE by Robin D. Owens (Berkley, July 5, 2005)

Here’s another great book in Robin D. Owens "Heart" series. Robin writes fantasy at its best. And one neat bonus of this book is that you get to find out what happened to some of the characters in her previous books.

In HEART CHOICE, Tracker Straif Blackthorn has returned to Druida City after his last rescue mission, intending to repair his home and resume the noble duties he abandoned at seventeen, when he lost his family to disease.

He's futilely searched Celta for a cure.

But he may be too late! A secret enemy schemes to claim his title, his lands, and destroy the woman he loves. As an interior designer Mitchella Clover dreamt of someone saying "no expense spared."

Unfortunately it's a wildly attractive GreatLord who offers her the chance of a lifetime - to restore an ancient showplace.

She knows she can never give Straif what he truly wants, but can she resist him? The job isn't easy. Both the sentient Residence and Straif's new snobbish Fam cat have remodeling ideas, and Mitchella's ward instantly dislikes Straif.

For an excerpt, go to:


Robin D. Owens has been seriously writing longer than she cares to recall, but is very happy with how her writing career is proceeding. She was named the Writer of the Year by Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in 2004, and 2003 Writer of the Year by the Denver Area Science Fiction Association. Robin has been the librarian, contest co-chair, and President of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She has given seminars at Pikes Peak Writers Conference, the Colorado Gold Writers Conference, and Romance Writers of America as well as other groups.


“Character driven story, brilliant dialogue...Terrific writing with a very realistic and sensual romance, make HEART CHOICE a fantastic read” -- Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today

"Dara Joy fans, rejoice! Robin Owens has created a unique world of her own…fun and sexy." -- Anne Avery


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weird Coincidence

Here's something pretty weird. BEYOND CONTROL, my supercharged story of sexually-linked telepaths, came out last week. It has several scenes set in Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington, D.C. The same week, we got a notice from my husband's college alumni association that they were sponsoring a tour of Oak Hill.

Of course we went. It's a beautiful place, and here are some of the pictures we took.


We saw a lot of wildlife in the cemetery, including this black squirrel, two fawns, and a mole.

Another coincidence. The tombstone in the foreground is of Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War. The one behind and to the right of Stanton's is Jesse Reno's, a Civil War general and namesake of the city where RWA had its convention last month.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Reno, etc.

I'm finally getting some pictures up from the RWA conference in Reno. As you can see, I got to spend some time in town as well as at the conference. The Truckee River runs through Reno, and they've made artificial rapids. It's a neat place to play. I waded in, but I didn't have an inner tube. Darn.

The weather was hot but not really worse than the D.C. area--since the humidity is lower.

BTW, the bush I spray-painted still looks great. It even has some new blooms.

I'm deep into editing the next werewolf book--SHADOW OF THE MOON, which will be out next spring.


Patricia Rosemoor, dh, and I drove around Lake Tahoe.

Reno transportation option.

Adrianne Lee, Patricia Rosemoor, and I at the Intrigue authors get-together.

KOD-sponsored panel on Research with Patricia Rosemoor, Ann Voss Peterson (not pictured), and me.

Patricia Rosemoor and I at lunch.

Living it up at the Harlequin party.

Friday, August 05, 2005

"MOON MAGNETISM" featured in STAR QUALITY by Lucy Monroe (Kensington Brava, May 2005)


This looks like a fun and sexy read.

Ivy Kendall dreads the full moon. For generations, women in her family have been extremely magnetic on that day—which was fine fifty years ago but not in the age of hard drives and cell phones. That’s why the hotel manager has resisted the technological improvements her boss wants her to implement. Now, the sexy, dynamic Blake Hawthorne is coming to insist on the upgrades in person. Shoot, he’ll probably fire her. Being around Blake makes her body go as haywire as a full moon, maybe even more. And as long as she’s going to be out of a job soon, there’s no reason not to use a little of that magnetism to her advantage, luring him into an elevator where the only electricity that will work is the kind they generate themselves…



Award winning author Lucy Monroe sold her first book in September of 2002. Since then she has sold more than 30 books to three publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England. Her highly charged, sensual stories touch on the realities of life while giving the reader a fantasy story not easily forgotten. Whether it's a passionate Harlequin Presents, a sexy single title for Kensington or a steamy historical or paranormal for Berkley, Lucy's books transport her readers to a special place where the heart rules and love conquers all.

"Monroe creates a sassy heroine and gives her a delectable rogue to help solve her unusual dilemma." 4 Stars - Romantic Times

"Their [Blake & Ivy in Moon Magnetism] dialog is priceless and will keep the reader smiling throughout this wonderful tale." Reader to Reader Reviews

"Star Quality is a delightfully funny read. The common full-moon theme is pulled together masterfully by three "quality stars" of the romance genre." - Sensual Romance Reviews