Thursday, July 14, 2005

CRIMSON CITY by Liz Maverick (Love Spell, July 2005)

CRIMSON CITY (Love Spell, July 05) looks pretty interesting to me. It’s my kind of dark paranormal.

Once, this was the City of Angels. The angels are no longer in charge.

From the extravagant appetites of the vampire world above, to the gritty defiance of the werewolves below, the specter of darkness lives around every corner, the hope of paradise in every heart. All walk freely with humans in a tentative peace, but to live in Los Angeles is to balance on the edge of a knife. One woman knows better than most that death lurks here in nights of bliss or hails of UV bullets. She’s about to be tested, to taste true thirst. She’s about to regain the power she’s long been denied. And Fleur Dumont is about to meet the one man who may understand her: a tormented protector who’s lost his way and all he loved.

Theirs is one tale of many. This is Crimson City, where desire meets danger and more than just the stars come out at night.

If you get hooked, you don’t have to wait long for more books in the Crimson series. Liz created the series for Dorchester. Liz and other authors will continue it.



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