Thursday, August 24, 2006

Galleys for "Bond of Silver"

Well, I committed myself to sending entries to my blog. And I’m slipping behind again. I’m in the middle of my least favorite thing–reading galleys. These are for a novella called “Bond of Silver” in a December Berkley anthology called UNLEASHED. The good news is that they’re not too long. The bad news is that I’m finding annoying word-repetitions, that I’m correcting, and hoping that the corrections get into the finished book.

I find that once I use a word, I tend to use it more than once. Does that happen to you?

I’m enjoying the story, though. It’s about a man from New Atlantis, which is in the Caribbean. The inhabitants left the Greek mainland eons ago because they were persecuted for their psychic powers. They now have a civilization on New Atlantis and hide the island with a force field. But they need more psychics to help them maintain the field. So they send their young men and women out into the world in dreams–to hook up with a partner who has psychic powers. If the meeting is successful, they go out to bring the person back.

Naturally, the couple I’m writing about are having considerable problems working out their relationship. It’s complicated. Her mother bonded with his stepfather. But she was afraid to go back to New Atlantis with him. Now she guards her daughter jealously. And she almost kills the young lovers as she tries to stop her daughter from leaving.

So that’s my story today.


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