Thursday, August 11, 2005

Weird Coincidence

Here's something pretty weird. BEYOND CONTROL, my supercharged story of sexually-linked telepaths, came out last week. It has several scenes set in Oak Hill Cemetery in Washington, D.C. The same week, we got a notice from my husband's college alumni association that they were sponsoring a tour of Oak Hill.

Of course we went. It's a beautiful place, and here are some of the pictures we took.


We saw a lot of wildlife in the cemetery, including this black squirrel, two fawns, and a mole.

Another coincidence. The tombstone in the foreground is of Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War. The one behind and to the right of Stanton's is Jesse Reno's, a Civil War general and namesake of the city where RWA had its convention last month.


Michele said...

Looks like a beautiful, thoughtful and serene place.
Not all cemetaries are like that.
I bet you could "feel" the history.
Nice Pillar Pose!

Rebecca York said...

Thanks, Michele. Yes, it's a beautiful place.

I hate most pictures of me. But I actually like the one leaning against the pillar.


Michele said...

Yup, it's me again.
Just finished Beyond Control.
Now I can look at your pictures with a little more curiosity.

Read it in a day. Didn't want to put it down. Liked it. Want to know if Mark Greenwood will be followed up with as well as the Senator. Enjoyed how Mark and lindsay experimented, and grew in their powers and in their relationship.

I do have one thing to say that I hope you will take well.
I refer to how you ended it...with the characters thinking of contacting the others that were part of Remingtons experiments.
I find that it is kind of similar to Christine Feehan's Mind Game/Shadow Game series that she's got going. In her's, her "father" was a scientist who messed with people's brains who had psychic talents already..starting with children and when that didn't work, military men. His daughter, finding out postumously about his deeds, vows to find all the children he messed with and help them.
Jordan and Lindsey sound like they are going to walk that same challenging path.
I'm not complaining...I happen to adore CF's series and am looking forward to the next story. What I am saying is that I also liked yours and it too has me waiting to find out what couple you are going to bring together in the next book. Your styles are different, but your characters are both strong and emotionally engaging. Yours has the unique imitate connection that made for fast page turning. The suspense, intrigue and danger enhances the story.
I found no slow parts or areas where I felt they didn't shine.
Thank you for another wonderful read and I look forward to more along the same vein.

Michele said...

Gads, I've got Mark on the brain...I meant to say Jordan in the second paragraph.,
I happen to like the name Jordan...Why do I do that? And I thought I read through and caught all my typos before I pressed the blue bar..*sigh*
J o r d a n

Rebecca York said...

I haven't read CF's book. And I get the feeling that I shouldn't Interesting that it has a similar element. Of course, she wrote it first. But I wrote a proposal and tried to sell mine fifteen years ago--and nobody would buy it from me then because paranormal romantic suspense wasn't exactly on the fast track. So I put my proposal in a drawer. But I never gave up wanting to write it. And after Berkley started buying paranormal from me, I sent them a revised proposal.

Please don't tell me that the hero of CF's next telepath book is a Las Vegas gambler!! That's going to give the next story a really different twist. I see him as a guy who's a little like Sam Morgan in CRIMSON MOON.

No, I'm not taking it wrong that you pointed out the similarity.

I have talked a lot about BEYOND CONTROL on the Berkley/Jove forum at writerspace. So that might answer your questions. It's the book of the week this week.

Over there, someone asked me about Mark. She got me thinking about bringing him into the next book. I also think I can find a place for the Senator.

But I'm not going to write another book in the BEYOND CONTROL universe until I do another MOON book.


Anonymous said...

I also like the name Jordan. And also Mark. I tried to write Mark the way I'd write a hero.

I'm going to see if I can send this as anonymous--and see if it works, because a friend was wondering if she could leave a message that way.


Michele said...

Thanks for responding. Anonymous worked well. I new it would, your blog doesn't have the stipulation posted that it didn't allow a nonmember to post.

Don't worry about CF's story line. No conflict. Her's follows the military group of men that were caged and experimented on. I'm thinking that she'll stay with them and provide them with the healing and parters for their HEA's.
You have no such limitations. The only names on the list you've given us..have already died. So, you have a clear creative field.
I don't mind waiting for the next in the line...I like the Moon series anyway...either way, I'm happy!!!

elissa said...


That's a gorgeous picture of you! You'll have to give that one to Jesse & Leo. :)


Rebecca York said...