Sunday, August 07, 2005

Reno, etc.

I'm finally getting some pictures up from the RWA conference in Reno. As you can see, I got to spend some time in town as well as at the conference. The Truckee River runs through Reno, and they've made artificial rapids. It's a neat place to play. I waded in, but I didn't have an inner tube. Darn.

The weather was hot but not really worse than the D.C. area--since the humidity is lower.

BTW, the bush I spray-painted still looks great. It even has some new blooms.

I'm deep into editing the next werewolf book--SHADOW OF THE MOON, which will be out next spring.


Patricia Rosemoor, dh, and I drove around Lake Tahoe.

Reno transportation option.

Adrianne Lee, Patricia Rosemoor, and I at the Intrigue authors get-together.

KOD-sponsored panel on Research with Patricia Rosemoor, Ann Voss Peterson (not pictured), and me.

Patricia Rosemoor and I at lunch.

Living it up at the Harlequin party.


Patricia Rosemoor said...

Fun time, Ruth -- one of the best conferences ever. The hotel was nice & Reno was surprising comfortable temp-wise because of the low humidity. And that drive around Lake Tahoe was spectacular. I hated to leave.

anne frasier said...

very nice, ruth! are you barefoot in that last pic?

Rebecca York said...

yes. I took off my shoes! I often take off my shoes.

Kelsy George said...

Looks like you all had a good time! Love the barefoot look on the dance floor - only way to be comfortable.

Jo Gregory said...


Thanks for sharing!

Was that an Avis or Enterprise special transportation rate?

Gorgeous shots!

I'm afraid Atlanta will have "other," less serene attractions. >g< The Chattahoochee River looks nothing like these photos, trust me.


Michele said...

Looked like an Awesome time!
LOL on the transportation. Did you use it?
I love beautiful vistas...thank for sharing!

Rebecca York said...

Michele, it wasn't a real bus. just a van someone had decorated. But I thought it looked funny.

Annalee Blysse said...

Hi... I was at your workshop in Reno. I found it very interesting, you and the other authors had many good points.

I live here in Reno. Your picture of the river reminds me that my nephew was visiting at the same time as RWA and Saturday after the conference was over he and I went on a tube down the river. I still have scrapes but the bruises have faded! At the time, I was thinking of this from the standpoint of realistic research. I'll write about swimming in rivers differently now. LOL.

Rebecca York said...

Analee, I don't think that ordinary swimming in rivers would scrape you up. When I was a kid, my grandmother had a house on a river beach and we swam there every weekend. I never got scraped, altough I did get stung by jelly fish. I have also been inner tubing in a river not far from where I live in Maryland and didn't get scraped. So I think it's the fast moving current that did it to you!

But "hands on" research is always good. Next month I'm going on a glider ride near Santa Barbara, California. (They tow the glider behind an airplane, then cut it loose. A pilot sits in back of the passenger and stears.)