Wednesday, June 01, 2005

100th-Book-Party Pictures

As requested, here are some pictures from my 100th-book party. I’m mostly including shots of writers who attended.

From left: John Rekus (with wizard hat he bought hours before at Balticon), Me, Mary Jo Putney

From left: Elizabeth Ashtree, Chassie West, Linda Williams and husband Pete

From left: Mallory Kane, Patricia Rosemoor, Binnie Braunstein

From left: Mia Zachary, Joyce Braga and husband Mark

Me and "Mr. Rebecca York" (Norman Glick)

Son-in-law Steve Webber and Novelist Mary Kirk entertain the guests


Michele said...

Wow, Thanks for the pics! They are wonderful to see. Loved your outfit. You and Mr. Glick make a beautiful couple. Looks like everyone had a great time celebrating your 100 books. Once again, Congratulations!!! I'm so glad I visited your site.

Kristen Painter said...

Cool pics. Mr. York is a hottie. *VBG* You guys look great together.

And congrats on your 100th book! Very impressive.

wendy webber said...

What a great party, looks like a lot of fun! Sorry I missed it! You guys do make a lovely couple. And I am sad that I missed my brother playing the guitar and singing.

So congratulations on your 100th book! What an amazing achievement.

Lucy Monroe said...

Wonderful pics!!! What a fabulous party that must have been. :)

Lucy Monroe

Molly said...

Great pics -- thanks for sharing.

I am so glad to see you have started a blog.

elissa said...

Hi Mom. Nice pictures! I'll have to tell Steve that there is a picture of him in your blog. :) It was a really fun party.

I'm very proud of you for all of your achievements, and you definitely deserved a big celebration.

Love, Elissa

Sarah Voss said...

Hi Ruth (And Norman),
Golly you two look grand! Just like you did twenty-five years ago when we lived close. (Oh my goodness how time flies and sorry if that's trite -- how do you keep your writing so fresh after 100 books?). Well, almost the same. Chassie, too (tell her)! Seeing the pictures makes me even sadder that I missed your celebration. You deserve to indulge again - don't wait for 200!
Love ya,

Hanna Bill Lecter said...

That Rekus guy sure looks silly.