Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Come Moonrise" in UNLEASHED

As you know, I've been writing werewolf books for Berkley since 2003. Generally, I try not to read werewolf books by other authors because I don't want to be influenced by them. But I made an exception for Lucy Monroe's novella, "Come Moonrise," because it's in UNLEASHED with my own story, "Bond of Silver."

I really enjoyed Lucy's novella. I liked her take on the werewolf genre, especially the MacAnlup family dynamics. She made me want to curl up with one of my own werewolves, and that's a good thing.

“Come Moonrise” by Lucy Monroe featured in UNLEASHED
(Berkley, December 5, 2006)

Ty MacAnlup has seen the tragedy that a mating between a werewolf and a human can bring and he wants no part of it, no matter how much his body and heart ache for a taste of Frankie's softness. Frankie has loved Ty for years and while she doesn't know he's a werewolf, or even that such things exist...she does know that to her, he's always been more than a mere man. Ty's hidden beast wreaks havoc with his determination to stay away from Frankie when they are trapped together in a small cabin in the snow bound wilderness.



Award winning author Lucy Monroe sold her first book in September of 2002. Since then she has sold more than 30 books to three publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England. Her highly charged, sensual stories touch on the realities of life while giving the reader a fantasy story not easily forgotten. Whether it's a passionate Harlequin Presents, a sexy single title for Kensington or a steamy historical or paranormal for Berkley, Lucy's books transport her readers to a special place where the heart rules and love conquers all.



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